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The Selling Process

The Selling Process

You have determined it is time to sell your home. The first thing we need to do is a CMA or market analysis. I will view your home, look at recent sales in your neighbourhood and your building (if it is a condo). You will show me the finer details of your home, any upgrades you have made, and we will determine the best strategy, price, timing to maximize the sale price and minimize any risk factors. At our first meeting I will explain agency and how realtors work.

I normally like a week to a month notice that you are going to sell. The preparations to get your home ready for sale can take that long. We will discuss anything that needs to be done to get your home ready for sale. This can involve painting, cleaning, staging, fixing up any minor deficiencies and decluttering. We need the home to show as best as it can, so it looks and feels attractive to the buyers. If it is a condo, I can request the strata documents, and if it is a detached home, we need an oil tank certificate stating there was no tank found on the property. During this time floorplans, photos and /or videos of the home will be taken.

My job is to get buyers to view your home, so once we have it listed there will be an email alert sent out to local realtors. My detailed marketing plan will explain the process and timing of each marketing activity. With your permission there will be open houses both for realtors and the public. We will follow through with the marketing plan until we have an accepted offer, making any changes to it as we see necessary along the way. We will be in contact with each other a minimum of once a week to give feedback on the showings.

When an offer is received the negotiation process begins until we come to accepted price and terms. Once the offer is accepted there is normally a period of time for the buyer to do their due diligence and I will assist the buyer and their realtor by providing access to the home and also the relevant documentation so that the conditions are removed in a timely manner. Once the buyer removes the conditions we have a firm deal and the buyer’s realtor will have a deposit held in trust. You will choose a lawyer or notary to complete the conveyancing on completion day. You now have to prepare to pack clean and move. Congratulations!