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The Buying Process

The Buying Process

We will do a very detailed assessment of your requirements and your budget. At the same time, we will determine which locations meet your lifestyle needs. We will look at your budget, the type of building(condo, townhome, detached home), the size, the style, the layout (# of bedrooms, # of baths), the exposure (south? views?) and any special determinants such as the ability to rent out, are pets allowed,fireplace, outdoor area, and in the case of a condo, concrete or wood frame construction. We need to be sure of your budget, so if you are not already pre-approved then I can introduce you to the process and assist you with the names of mortgage lenders. During our first meeting I will explain agency (how realtors work with clients) to you and have you read and sign the documents that clarify our relationship.

Once we have decided on your criteria (and I realize that sometimes your criteria changes during the process), I will provide you with a sample of properties that we should view, and we will tour these properties. I will continue to update you on any new properties that come on the market during the viewing process. Once I am able to view properties with you, I will have a better idea of your likes and that helps me refine the list of homes to view.

When we find the ideal home for you, it is time to make an offer. We will look at recent sales in the area, recent market trends, and determine the price, conditions and dates to include in our offer. If our offer is subject free, we will make sure that we have enough information, and I will advise you of any issues that may arise. Normally there will be subjects on the offer and we will have time to do our duediligence on the property. These conditions usually give us 2-7 days to verify that we have financing, time to read any documents, can obtain property insurance, check the title, have a property inspection and any other disclosures that may be relevant. When the conditions are removed you will provide me with the deposit, normally 5% which will be held in a trust account until completion day.

At this time, it is advised that you get a lawyer or notary to do the conveyance process on completion date. I can provide the names of at least three that my clients have used. A few days before completion you will meet with the lawyer/notary to sign the papers and deliver the remaining monies. On completion day the title will transfer to your name and you are the proud new owner. Usually, you get the keys the next day and I will gather them from the listing realtor and meet you at your new home. Congratulations!